Sunday, May 23, 2010

Painting Final: Grace

This painting was my final project in my figure painting class. It's a lifesize portrait of my friend Grace. Proportions on the left arm are too wide, but it was an educational exercise, so I'm moving on for now. Oil on Canvas.

Figure Painting

These are the paintings from my figure painting class this past semester. They go from oldest to newest, shortest to longest, and smallest to largest from Top to Bottom respectfully. All are oil on board, canvas, or linen.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tempra Painting

These pieces are from a class on Tempera Painting that I took in Italy. The process we learned was the same one practiced by icon painters of the late middle ages: mixing raw pigment with egg yolk. We made our own grounds by covering wood boards with linen soaked in rabbit skin glue. Once that dried, we gesso-ed them with a mixture of chalk and glue. It was so interesting to work with such natural materials, especially since our previous class was with toxic, toxic oil paints.

Our professor was an ex-nun who made foot pilgrimages from Switzerland to Jerusalem. She spoke only a little bit of English, but so much of the class was showing us the technique of making and using the medium that it hardly mattered. The topic for a lot of our work was meditation on Genesis and the creation of the world. But our first two projects (one of which is shown above) was copying work, or composing copied images, as was done with icon painting. Our last project (top image) was to portray our "garden of Eden" or where we meet with God. It was quite interesting to work in a class that was worship based instead of serving whatever our personal agendas are for our art.

Friday, May 21, 2010

More Design Class

Paintings focusing on Color Study from
my Design class in '09

Design Class

Pieces from my design class in the Spring of 'o9.
Multimedia and Gouache on Bristol Board

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Doodly Doo

Part of the reason I started a sketch blog was to have a place to display not only the stuff I was producing in class, but also for fun. Like this:

Big, Marie Antoinette hair, I love it. More please. I don't draw cartoons enough anymore, that needs to change!