Sunday, April 29, 2012


Photo Credit Photos 2-7,9 Mark Spooner
Second Design for Gordon.  This time for the Theatre Department.  Co-designed with Amber Primm.
I also charged this show and did hair, make up, and costume for the Greek Chorus (The Bacchai women) in collaboration with Amber and the costume designer Christine Alger.

HMS Pinafore

Ladies and Gentleman, my first scenic design.

I co-designed this with Nate Punches who graduated from Gordon College with me.
We designed this show for the Gordon College Music Department.

Wham Bam.

Photo Credit: Mark Spooner

Buddy Cops 2

Another Scenic Charge + Properties Deal with Stoneham Theatre.

Designer: Charlie Morgan

Full Set View Front
Set Dressing Detail
Floor Detail (Gym Floor Done With Mop)
Back Raquetball Court Detail
Beer Can Collection Detail (53 different labeled cans)

Lizzy, Darcy, and Jane

This production was with Gordon College.  It was designed by Amber Primm and Charged by yours truly.  The most fun part was all the marble and stone.  Practically applying those Cobalt lessons.

Steel Magnolias: Magnolia Branch

So as a part of the design for Steel Mags were these giant magnolia branches.
On the giant branches were giant magnolia flowers.  Which I was to make out of felt.
They looked awesome and ranged from 1 foot to 3 feet in size and I needed to make thirty of them.
Here's how it went.

Start with whatever color craft felt you'd like.  I used a whole bolt of fabric for 30 flowers.

Cut three squares of fabric per flower, decreasing in size by a few inches or less depending on the size of your flowers.

Cut into flower petal-esque shapes and add extra color and or shadow.

Stretch the felt to create petal magic.

Hot glue down the center of each petal and pinch the seam until set.
Glue top layer to middle layer to bottom layer, alternating where the petals fall.  Glue a small rolled up scrap into the center of the flower.

For myself, I repeated this 30 times.

I then painted the branches.
And then attached the flowers to the branch.

The end.

Steel Magnolias

So it's been ages.  I've done 9 theatre productions and a wedding since I've last blogged, not to mention whatever other projects have happened in between.  So let's take it all the way back to August to my first show with Stoneham Theatre in Stoneham, MA.  Steel Magnolias.

I was Scenic Charge and Properties on this show.
Designer is Jenna McFarland Lord, who I had worked with back during the Gloucester Stage days (2009).

My major work on this show included three magnolia branches with felt magnolias, a painted tile floor, painted wood floor, painted wall paper boarder, sewn curtains, salon furniture rental (Thank You Trinity Rep), and general misc. set dressing and props.

Detail shots!
Tile Floor

Wall Paper Boarder

 This particular wall paper boarder is just a simple two part stencil.  I SHOULD have taken pictures to do a how-to section.  But I failed on that, so next time I'm doing some stenciling, I promise to follow through on that!
Sewn Curtains and Cheesy Hair Salon Photos

I made some pretty great period magazines as well.

Quick and Dirty Wood Grain.

 Coming Up: Felt Flower How-To!