Sunday, April 29, 2012

Steel Magnolias

So it's been ages.  I've done 9 theatre productions and a wedding since I've last blogged, not to mention whatever other projects have happened in between.  So let's take it all the way back to August to my first show with Stoneham Theatre in Stoneham, MA.  Steel Magnolias.

I was Scenic Charge and Properties on this show.
Designer is Jenna McFarland Lord, who I had worked with back during the Gloucester Stage days (2009).

My major work on this show included three magnolia branches with felt magnolias, a painted tile floor, painted wood floor, painted wall paper boarder, sewn curtains, salon furniture rental (Thank You Trinity Rep), and general misc. set dressing and props.

Detail shots!
Tile Floor

Wall Paper Boarder

 This particular wall paper boarder is just a simple two part stencil.  I SHOULD have taken pictures to do a how-to section.  But I failed on that, so next time I'm doing some stenciling, I promise to follow through on that!
Sewn Curtains and Cheesy Hair Salon Photos

I made some pretty great period magazines as well.

Quick and Dirty Wood Grain.

 Coming Up: Felt Flower How-To!

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