Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sketch Dump


Did some quick scenic painting for a designer friend of mine. Little sample.

Sketch For Taylor

Wow, this is a terrible quality image... makes me wish I had an iPhone, whatevs.

I owed my friend Taylor a drawing for a while now, so I sketched him up this lady from Mass Effect, maybe it will soothe his heart that the release date for 3 got moved back.

Also, working on opening an Etsy shop for the journals that I make, which I should really start posting pictures of on here.


Monday, May 30, 2011

Senior Thesis Project

Pictures from my Senior Thesis Project.
The project was a collaborative show of five artists called COMMON.
The show was an exploration of how plot structure applies to the human experience.
We divided the parts (Exposition, Complication, Rising Action, Climax, and Resolution) amongst us and then created art that would provoke an experience for the viewer reminiscent of the emotion(s) that accompany the particular leg of the story.

I was working with complication and created the environment that you see below.

Some close ups:

We set up the gallery so that the viewer had to navigate a path that ordered the events, it made sense seeing as the passage of time is an important factor in story telling. Post to follow in the other works.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Inspirational Art: Ancient Chinese Nature Sculpture

Saw these at the MFA (Boston) today. The Ancient Chinese found rock and wood naturally in beautiful abstract shapes long before modernism. So gorgeous. Obsessed.

It may have turned out that I noticed a please do not photograph the exhibit sign after I took the pictures, but at the point, the damage was done, and this was I can at least share with you.

Regardless, these pieces are a part of a new Japanese furniture exhibit at the MFA. Everything in the exhibit is gorgeous, including furniture you can sit in. High five MFA.