Sunday, April 29, 2012

Steel Magnolias: Magnolia Branch

So as a part of the design for Steel Mags were these giant magnolia branches.
On the giant branches were giant magnolia flowers.  Which I was to make out of felt.
They looked awesome and ranged from 1 foot to 3 feet in size and I needed to make thirty of them.
Here's how it went.

Start with whatever color craft felt you'd like.  I used a whole bolt of fabric for 30 flowers.

Cut three squares of fabric per flower, decreasing in size by a few inches or less depending on the size of your flowers.

Cut into flower petal-esque shapes and add extra color and or shadow.

Stretch the felt to create petal magic.

Hot glue down the center of each petal and pinch the seam until set.
Glue top layer to middle layer to bottom layer, alternating where the petals fall.  Glue a small rolled up scrap into the center of the flower.

For myself, I repeated this 30 times.

I then painted the branches.
And then attached the flowers to the branch.

The end.

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