Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Taste Of Italy

Here is a lovely example of some of the stuff I was doing in Italy. Mine is the middle work. This is a charcoal drawing done on site in the streets of Orvieto. It's 8 pieces of paper. Done in three days, including an all nighter. Mine was a night piece, so I spent some time alone in a creepy alleyway at night, very sketchy. Some of my fellow artists found it amusing to scare me or visit so that I didn't get creeped on by Italian men.

I did however get creeped on my one Italian man who stopped to watch for like 30 minutes. After discovering I didn't speak much Italian and that I wasn't particularly interested in talking, he just silently hovered. Annoying. But the next day made up for it when a sweet women from Ethopia who lived in the apartment this alley led to invited me in for tea and treats. We talked for a bit and she told me about her troubles working in Italy because of racism there. She's an educated women who speaks 4 languages and who can't find work even in housekeeping. Very sad.

I hope to have better pictures of this soon, it's just a big doozy of a piece and is currently folded in the bottom of a suitcase in Massachusetts and I'm in Illinois, so we must wait, haha. Photo credit to Mikie Hall, a beautiful girl who was in my class.

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