Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cobalt: Day 3

So here I am, Day 3. Yesterday, I had the best of intentions for posting, but for whatever reason, I was completely wiped out and went to be around 9. Today, however was much better. Full of prepping for tomorrow's project.

On Monday, we worked on transferring images. Here is my Calvin, taken from tiny paper size to taller than me size. We all cranked these out in an hour or less, really very impressive.

Earlier on Monday, we covered soft and hard flats with muslin. Today we trimmed the edges and coated them with starch to prep for painting tomorrow.

Then came basic color theory. We mixed color wheels with both ROSCO Iddings Deep Color and Super Saturated. We finished the day with color matching two swatches to prep for our painting project for tomorrow. The ROSCO Paint Products Manager, Jen Knott, was also in today, with her adorable dog who she rescued. She filled in all the extra gaps in our the how's and why's of paint lecture as well as gave us some cool ROSCO gear. Yes to a sweet paint apron!

At last we have a few pictures of the paint deck (directly below) and the paint shop (bottom). Both impressive and exciting beyond what the pictures show.

That's all for today, more updates tomorrow!

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