Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cobalt: Days 14 and 15

Saturday and Sundays we have off at Cobalt, which means, loveliness happens. We are in such a beautiful part of the country, but are so busy, we don't enjoy it much. Today and yesterday, I did.

Yesterday consisted of doing some laundry (line dried), making sorbet from lemon balm I picked from the forest, picking flowers...

And making journals..... lots and lots of journals. I got mostly done with a few made from beer boxes and the masking paper used on our projects in the studio, but the only one I finished was this one for Lisa's (a girl on the program's) husband Tony. I sold it for $15 because she reminds me of my cousin Jill.

Then today, we went to STORM KING ART PARK!!!!!! It was a gorgeous day filled with Richard Serra, Roy Lichtenstein, Calder, Andy Goldsworthy, and SO many more I could go ON forever.

Here's a photo of Goldsworthy's Storm King Wall. It's so magical in person, and beautiful to touch. If you're anywhere near the area, do stop by this MARVELOUS WONDERLAND! Better than Disneyland, and FAR cheaper.

Here's another sculpture from the park. George Cutts, Sea Change. A beautiful kinetic piece, that the video doesn't do justice to, as the way the light hits the metal makes it look like liquid.

I will say sorry that it is sideways, but apparently, you can't change that on either my phone or youtube. Note to self for next time. There are lots of videos of it on youtube from different angles is you'd like to see more.

After it all, we went to a little place called Painter's Tavern for some DELICIOUS and really reasonably priced food and drink. Perfect portions for both the large and small eaters.

Quite a wonderful day!
And Happy Father's day to my poor dad, stranded alone in a hospital in Phoenix.
Get well soon!

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