Sunday, June 19, 2011

Inspirational Art: Storm King

At Storm King I saw two more works by an artist I LOVE named Ursula von Rydingsvard. I had first seen this piece of hers (below) at deCordova Art Museum and Sculpture Park in Lincoln, MA.
This one is titled, ence pence.

Then Today, I saw TWO MORE of her work. For Paul

And Luba.

GORGEOUS! THEN!!! I found out that deCordova is doing an EXHIBIT of her work open now until August 28th. So, if you like these, I would highly recommend packing yourself a picnic, and heading over to deCordova in Lincoln, MA for both her outdoor piece (at top) and her exhibit. For more information, go here.

ALSO at Storm King was this beauty...
Kiss by Darrell Petit
It seems to be to be a reference to Brancusi's Kiss, but I can easily say, I prefer this one.
I'm just been introduced to his work today, and am looking forward to more.

Very exciting.

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