Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cobalt: Day 4

DAY 4: Short Post as our activities ran quite late and it's hot and I'm tired. But here's what we've got. This morning was spend doing an even larger transfer in groups. Ours was this lovely art nouveau woman, which I was quite excited about, as it is one of my favorite styles. Here was the reference image...

I can't figure out how to turn it presently, and as I mentioned, I'm tired, so it's not of importance.

Here are some pictures of what we came up with after about an hour or so of working. Not finished, obviously, and now forever gone.

I was responsible for the middle section.

Then we worked with the colors we matched yesterday to do some base coats.
One a gradient and the other a... skonche or something ridiculous like that..... I don't remember, shows how much I'm learning, and that I'm tired. I'll let you know tomorrow.

We also played around with sprayer, which I have never done, but primarily learned to fix them, as I hear they clog often.

Tonight finished with an AMAZING English dinner of toad in a (the?) hole, mash, and veggies followed with a rhubarb cobbler with ice cream. We finished our show and tell pictures tonight, taking 2 hours, so this is why I am so tired, and slightly typing grumpy.

More tomorrow, and a hopefully better mood!

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